cleaning services

Normal Cleaning

Home cleaning services include general cleaning tasks such as dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, dishes, and tidying up

Deep Cleaning

A deep cleaning service entails cleaning the interiors of all your cabinets and cupboards and cleaning behind large furniture

Matress Cleaning

We provide powerful mattress cleaning vacuums and sanitizers to ensure your mattress remains safe and clean to sleep on

Sofa Cleaning

The service starts with a deep vacuuming of your sofas to get rid of any dust, mites, or dirt lodged inside the stuffing and upholstery

Sanitization and Desinfection

Our teams use biochemist will sanitize all tops, surfaces, floors, fixtures, handles, knobs, and switches in your house

Pest Control

General pest control service, both spray and gel options are available and effective against flies, cockroaches, insects, ants, and mice

Carpet Cleaning

Our team will arrive with the necessary carpet cleaning equipment and shampoos, and clean the carpet in home of cleint

Pro Speed Cleaning Services - Abu Dhabi